Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sky Watch Friday in Alaska

Wow ~ it's 11:40 pm in Fairbanks, Alaska. Today it was 93 degrees and sunny. We have been seeing and doing so many things. I can't wait to share them all. I have finally gotten a minute to do Internet.
These 2 pictures were taken on the Denali Highway on our way to the Denali State Park. It was a gravel, dusty road, but tons of fun. It was an absolutely beautiful day. I am still here in Alaska and I am not sure when I will be able to get to a computer....but I will soon.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mt Ranier

We flew into Washington on Tuesday to spend time with our friends Charlene and Pat on the way to Alaska. They treated us to a wonderful time in a chalet at the base of Mt Rainer. It was back in the woods and absolutely wonderful. Warm, comfortable beds, a fire pit to roast our hot dogs and marshmellows and a hot tub to sit in and relax tired muscles after hiking on the mountain all day. We stopped and hiked to rivers and a waterfall along the way as we drove up the mountain. We went as far as we could go to Paradise. From there snow and more hiking trails waited for us. At that point I wished to be a mountain climber so I could climb to the summit! Words do not give credit to the beauty of the mountain. I will post as I can, today is a day to spend in Seattle before we fly into Fairbanks later today. Not sure what internet service I will be able to access.