Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stop and Enjoy the Season

Stop and smell the flowers - I mean enjoy the season.
It's been awhile since I have had time to post anything. Funny - it's seems as you get older the days and month go by faster.

It's already December - 2 birthdays in our immediate family, my wonderful husband and my baby; she's turning 16! and Christmas around the corner. I did most of my shopping for Christmas on Black Friday - limited as it is, now that my children are older and the granchildren live away.

Technology - Internet shopping and shipping are great! Technology is wonderful, but with the holidays approaching it makes me miss some of the old days of letter writing, Christmas cards and just the overall slower pace of life. We are all so rushed to get all the things done we need to. I am a victim of the timeline I put on myself.

That will be my goal for this month - to slow down a bit and enjoy my family's birthdays and Christmas. To try and take the timeline I put on myself out of the picture and to stop and enjoy the season. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season!